meet the longshots

playing roots, locally grown…..

When five Central Coasters, including a Cleveland -born, country guitar wizard, a bass-playing music historian, a swing-fiddling dentist, a steel-guitar player/inventor, and a "can harmonize with anyone" Nashville transplant combine to form a band, the Long Shots are the result.  These hot pickers combine alternative country, honkytonk, swing, and a little rock and roll into a style known as "Ameripolitan".  The Long Shots bring lively energy and phenomenal musical talent to every appearance.  Look for them at any venue that needs a shot of something refreshing.

Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

The Long Shots are a group of professionals who have played in multiple bands such as the Martin Paris Band, the Bangin’ 58s, Soundhouse, the International Trio, the Shawn Clark Band, James Way and Better Late than Never. The Long Shots cover material that fills a much needed gap for hot Americana on the Central Coast. For more info, call Kelly Powers at 805-286-7496.